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Basic Information

Title: Revista Portuguesa de Ciências do Desporto/Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences.

Director: Jorge Olímpio Bento
Editor: António Teixeira Marques

(1)To be a highly regarded forum of those that think, theorize and do empirical research within the realm of sport sciences.
(2)To be a stimuli and a dissemination instrument of the research activity of Portuguese and Spanish speaking investigators.
(3)To stand as a known prized project within the international community of sport science researchers. No language (idiom) may stand as a barrier to knowledge dissemination.

Areas of interest
Sport Sciences are the object of interest of the Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences (PJSS). The emphasis is in science and its applied issues, i.e., the biological, psychological, social and pedagogical that contribute to the development of man in sports practice. Sports´ practise is to be approached as a polissemic and polimorphic phenomena, i.e., sport as a carrier of diverse forms and meanings: education (in its general sense and that of conferring formal degrees in university institutions), health, recreation, leisure, rehabilitation and special groups, performance excellence and management.

Journal history
This journal was born 12 years ago in a framework related to the raising of the Portuguese community of sport sciences researchers. At that time, a first journal emerged – Espaço – that was a true ancestor of the Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences, whose life spanned over only 2 years.
The birth of PJSS was January 2001, as a semester issue. It was a timely response to an objective need: filling a gap of a true scientific journal in Portugal devoted to Sports´ problems.
Five years of intensive work and 11 published issues highligt the spread and depth of published papers. Firstly organized around the Portuguese speaking community it is now a kind of melting pot of editorial influence of researchers from the 5 continents.
As an urgent response to the research needs of the scientific community due to the great volume of submitted materials, the PJSS changed from 2 to 3 issues a year.

Every 4 months: 3 annual numbers – January / April; May / August; September / December.
The PJSS publishes also thematic supplements or congress proceedings.

Abreviated title: Rev Port Cien Desp


Information Services

  • The PJSS is indexed in SPORTDiscus, in the LATINDEX catalogue – regional system of on-line information for scientific journals of South-America, Caribe, Spain and Portugal.



  • The PJSS is a publication of the Faculty of Sport, University of Porto [ISSN 1645-0523]. Reproduction of published papers, figures or photos are allowed with special permission from the Director.



  • The PJSS has financial support from the FCT – Operational program for Science, Technology, Innovation of EU Support Program III.


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